Terms and Conditions
  • All prices are in euros and include 24 % VAT (14 % VAT for non-alcoholic products).
  • All rights to changes in prices are reserved.
  • Deposit prices are added to products which have a deposit.
  • Keg products with a deposit will have a deposit fee of 58,00 € (inc. VAT) added to the total.
  • Kegs are to be returned within 6 months of receival.
  • Brewery and alcohol-free products are by default only delivered in full cases. Spirits can be delivered also by the bottle.
  • Orders submitted on working days before 14.00 are in most cases possible to be delivered earliest in two working days.
  • Possible notices regarding the delivery are to be made within 3 days of the delivery of the goods.
  • All faults in the delivery (damaged goods, incorrect products, lacking products) are to be marked to the waybill while the driver is present. Please verify, that the driver's copy also has these markings.
  • If kegs not belonging to Brew Seeker are returned, a handling fee of 15 euros (inc. VAT) will be charged.
  • An empty keg is considered not to be property of Brew Seeker in case the product has not been in Brew Seeker's portfolio in the past 6 months.
  • Waybills for returning kegs are available from our customer service.
  • If the product is available by special delivery only, please contact our customer service.
  • Minimum purchase for deliveries is 250 euros. For orders under 450 euros, a delivery fee of 30 euros (+VAT 24%) is added.
  • In case of issues with payment, our penalty interest is 11 % and fee for sending a notice of late payment is 12 €.